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Established 1999, Access Solutions provides industry leading disability access consultation services for new and existing developments.


As the drive for full inclusion of people with disability in everyday community life gains momentum, identifying access barriers is an important first step to inclusion of locals, visitors and tourists. Whether for a single building, a cluster of buildings, sports facility, aquatic centre, beach access, community halls, community centres, playgrounds, tourist walks, or an entire community precinct, Access Solutions can provide a disability access audit and report with recommendations that will meet your information needs for forward planning. We can also work with staff and community consultation groups to help prioritise recommendations and provide advice about products and equipment. Access Solutions can provide comprehensive accessibility audit with a report and recommendations, in the time frame you need and at a price that respects your budget.

Design Reviews and Disability Access Reports

Access Solutions is accredited to provide disability access compliance reports and can provide advice and guidance in the provision of access to the built environment for people with a disability. We work with Local Government, Developers and Architects at the planning stage of new works and refurbishments to ensure compliance with appropriate legislation and regulations.

Performance Solutions

Access Solutions will work in conjunction with your business to provide professional performance based solutions under the Building Code of Australia.

Audits, Advice and Strategy

Good access is good business. Access Solutions has over sixteen years experience providing advice regarding the built environment. We are accredited to undertake access audits and help your business fulfill its obligations under the DDA, BCA and Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standard (2010). We are also qualified to assist your business in the development of DDA action plans.