About us

Bill Casey, Director

As a disability professional, our Director, Bill Casey has had over twenty years experience in meeting the needs of people with a disability and twenty years providing advice and guidance to the building industry, local government and business. Access Solutions has been an operational, registered business for over sixteen years.

Sandy Gray, Access Consultant

Access Solutions has been joined by Sandy Gray as a Disability Access Consultant. Sandy's experience in Disability Access began in the 1980s and her experience and academic achievements makes her very well qualified for the role. She is an associate member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia (ACAA).

Rowin Kennedy, Access Consultant

Re-joining the team at Access solutions is Rowin Kennedy, coming from a background in civil drafting. He has attained the Diploma in Access Consulting in 2017 and is an associate member of the Association of Consultants in Access, Australia (ACAA)

Our Mission


We at Access Solutions believe that human ability is affected by the environment we create and that most disability can be overcome by creating an equitable, dignified and friendly built environment.


Our mission is to work with you using our experience and expertise to help overcome the barriers that exclude some people from full participation in community life.


Established 2000, Access Solutions provides advice and guidance to building designers, certifiers and managers, as well as local government and business, to help ensure equitable and dignified access for people with a disability.